We run Creche every Sunday morning in our 10:30am service, for children aged 0-4, to allow parents to be able to be involved in the church services.

In addition there is a cry room facility with direct line of sight into the main auditorium, with a wet area and feeding facilities.

Sunday School

Sunday-School Program for Children in Kindergarten to Grade 7. Our teachings are age appropriate and follow a set, approved curriculum of a conservative, evangelical, biblical nature. In lessons, children hear bible stories, concepts and explore what is taught through activities such as games and art. We aim to introduce our children to Jesus and foster their relationship with Him for life. We believe in encouraging our children to come alongside others like a caring brother or sister would. We do not discriminate any children with special needs from our Sunday-School program. Juline Michell is in charge of running this ministry.

Hope Christian College OSHC

As an adjunct service to the Hope Christian College we run an Out of School Hours Care program before and after school and through school holidays. 

For more information on Hope Christian College OSHC, click here. 

More From 'Ministries'

For Women

The women’s ministries are lead by a team who look after various portfolios including special events, small groups, bible study and teaching, counselling and pastoral care.

Relationships are especially precious these days. Life is so busy, and people are feeling so isolated. That’s why social networking sites are so popular. But a lot of our lives can be lived in the virtual world. In an age when we can have virtual friends with virtual intimacy, reality is somehow becoming harder to find.

Women need to relate to other women in the real world. We need to talk to someone who’ll actually stop and listen. Someone who cares. Someone who won’t just log out when we need them.

Jesus saw people just like that, with exactly those same needs when He walked the earth 2000 years ago. The gospel tells us, “when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were distressed and downcast, like sheep without a shepherd...”

So many women today need a shepherd. Our prayer is that we can not only be a shepherd to many of them, but that we can help them become shepherds to others.

Our programs look pretty much like any other church’s program. The truth is programs in themselves don’t count for much. But they can be a context in which we can connect with each other, and find someone who cares… Better than that we can find someone we can care for… and make a difference for them forever.

In our program we have tried to meet the needs of all women from young singles to young mums, to working women, to homemakers, and also the retired and widowed. So if you’re local, come along, and make a real friend in the flesh.

- Women's Ministry Nights run the first Thursday of each month between March and December

- Ladies craft runs on Thursday mornings in the cafe from 10am.

- Know Your Bible groups for women operate on Mondays and Fridays at 10am.

- Mum's group bible study operates on alternating Fridays at 9:30am.

- Fortnightly on Sunday mornings before church at 9:15am working women meet to share and encourage each other in bible study.

- We also do various one-off events like coffee and dessert evenings, conferences, concerts, film screenings and a special service at Christmas.

For more information please contact

Fiona Emery // 0433 059 222